The World of Fever Queen (Vinyl LP)
The World of Fever Queen (Vinyl LP)
The World of Fever Queen (Vinyl LP)

The World of Fever Queen (Vinyl LP)

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“[The] hypnotically shimmering 'You, You' [is]… is permeated with psych-tinged arrangements and enthralling vocals. Deliberately paced, the track evokes stark intimacy through blunt lyricism and washed out melodies. Buoyed by sly, self-aware songwriting and steady yet stunning instrumentation, Fever Queen elevates 'You, You' to vibrant heights.”—The Line of Best Fit

“Eleanor Rose Lee performs under the moniker Fever Queen, crafting psychedelic pop tunes that have a touch of surf and Americana influences… with brooding instrumentals and a haunting vocal performance from Lee, [her single 'Love Last' is an] auspicious introduction to the alternative pop artist.”—MXDWN

“'Love Last'... which is a bit of moody slow burning psych-smoke that does a lovely job of shining the spotlight on Lee’s piercing vocals. These vocals are the main focus of the tune, with the slow march beat providing the bones to the song’s desolate soundscape...”— Austin Town Hall

Fever Queen is the music and moods of Chicago-based songwriter Eleanor Rose Lee. On her debut album, The World of Fever Queen, Lee conjures up stark, psychy sounds and knockout melodies that cohere into a singular, one-woman vision of love, dreams, and hesitations.
Journaling her entire life, Lee sees music as an extension of a larger project. The World of Fever Queen is a document of her life traveling and working across America. Mid-century melodies draw upon Lee's childhood singing in choirs in the Midwest. Sparse instrumentation evokes cold nights of getting weird in Chicago’s DIY scene. The album's surfy wash taps into the bleached energy Lee found in her days farming in Hawaii and cutting hair in California. Torch songs, like "Love Last," are set in America's burnt-out husk, along dark highways and desolate lakeshores. Layered vocals and two cover interludes—Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" and Lee Hazlewood's "For One Moment"—ratchet up the atmo even further.
Lee prizes emotion above all else. And through her work as a songwriter and adept multi-instrumentalist, she elevates life's emotions into a vibrant, and palpable, psychedelic world. The World of Fever Queen is Lee's intimate journal made into sound.
“[Single] ‘Night Vision’ is a visceral and fuzzy two and a half minutes of propulsive guitar/drums. It’s the sound of being consumed by visions of love and obsession after dark... ‘I’m sick of it‘ sneers Fever Queen’s Eleanor Rose Lee magnificently with a disdain whilst riding a hypnotic melody brimful of glamour, mystery and paranoia.”—God Is in the TV
“[Single] ‘Charmer’ mixes up all of those things, with these splashes of guitar and wiry, repeating riffs backing up Lee’s beautiful vocal and these backing vocals that weave in and out. It’s all swathed in this beautiful melody along with guitar fuzz and echo to make something truly beautiful.”—Backseat Mafia
“A lead guitar line that seems to take Lipps Inc’s ‘Funkytown’ as its starting point, but twisted into something far more sinister, is the song’s beating heart, crashing against washes of sound and angular, agitated surf guitar. It’s a compelling, claustrophobic mix. A wailing, high-pitched backing vocal in the final third of the song – or is it a synth? It’s hard to tell – takes the song somewhere else, spiralling with menace and revenge.” —IndieLand on "Charmer"
The World of Fever Queen vinyl LP comes with a 2-sided b/w offset printed lyric insert.

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