In the Ether—Fever Queen

In the Ether—Fever Queen

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In the Ether is a foggy romance refracted through strange limelight flourishes. This musical album—the second full-length by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eleanor Rose Lee—maintains the echoey girl group style hooks of her debut, but in this case, the compositions weave together in a unified yet ever-shifting nocturnal mist. Hear Eleanor croon the tale of an enigmatic drifter on “Petey”; melt to the acerbic doo-wop drama of “Molding”; feel the aquatic bubblegum vibes of “Maybe to Baby”; drop into the fairy-world pulse of “Afterglow.” This album is an off-kilter and beautiful reverie, populated by those many selves that inhabit the world of dreams.

The In the Ether LP was pressed up on translucent purple vinyl.

Photography by Wyatt Angelo. Design by Nick Ferreira.

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