The one thing in the world that’s still going super strong: Kevin Barry Talks w/ Eye 94

Kevin Barry’s debut art book Brainfazer was published by First To Knock last month. As part of our ongoing artist interview series, Mike Sack, of Eye 94, chewed the fat with Kevin about the techniques, influences, and life story that went into making the incredible book that Johnny Ryan called “a psychedelic outer space puppet show of crazy blinding colors.” Jack Parsons, Japanese science-fiction, Jerry Solomon, and Trish Cyrus are also discussed…

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Philosophy, boredom, & art without patronage: Sterling Bartlett talks w/ Eye 94

Sterling Bartlett's How Did We Get Here? was published last month. Mike Sack of Eye 94—a literary critic, writer, and all around swinging mensch—sat down with Bartlett to hash out the influences and enthusiasms that went into the post-modern comic book that one reviewer called "a tract, a rant, a sermon against the harbingers of our pyrotechnic-insanitarium endtimes, and possibly, if enough people pay attention to the Void, an illustrated pamphlet for a coming revolution." Bartlett also riffs on a Phoenix motel turned art commune, blue chip gallery politics, and a childhood spent on military installations...

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Bruschetta, martinis, and dream-planes—life is good at Bruna’s Ristorante

Read this one for a combination of Italian-American lore and on-the-scene reporting at Chicago's greatest restaurant. Herein expect answers to why Bruna knifed a man in her own establishment; the secret to Luciano's bruschetta; hidden connections between Love Boat hanky-panky and the Scalabrinian priesthood; an elegy for the 3-martini lunch and more...

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