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The Periodical

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First To Knock presents... First To Knock... an irregularly-issued, print-only, subscription-based periodical of new writings, exhumed un-classics, translations, art, and anything else deemed relevant by the editorial brain trust. This is an efficient means to stay networked and up to date on shorter form action and ephemeral material without being jacked into the mainframe 24/7.

Each issue is loosely themed.

Issue #1 was published in January 2023 and featured...

Heinrich von Kleist
presented and translated by Matthew Spencer
Algernon Blackwood
historically analyzed by Sam Kunkel
retold by Julia Bembenek
Donald Bruno
illustrated the cover

Issue #2 is forthcoming...

This periodical is entirely free (so long as the bleeding can be withstood). If you want to subscribe, please send an email to with the following:

Subj: FTK Periodical: [Your Name]
Body: [Name] / [Address] / [best contact aka email or phone]

You can unsubscribe or change your address anytime thereafter by emailing

Do note:

This periodical is entirely print-only and delivered by mail. There will be no e-books, pdfs, or other digital perversions.

This periodical is for subscribers and will not be available for ad hoc requests: Do not come a-knocking in an ala carte mode.

It will print and deliver via USPS whenever we can find the time to publish.

If you send a subscription request via direct message on social media, your request will not be honored.

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